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Hello everyone

As you will have certainly noticed our website is still in development, in recent months the development was temporarily stopped with the creation of our 1st series of motorsport entirely created by us: The F1 Masters Series the realization of the 1st season being over
this is the opportunity to resume the development of the site with the addition of new episodes and series but that being said, we realized that the only series for the moment entirely present on the website (Formula 1) had quite a large number of videos blocked and deleted by their host.

We therefore carried out a verification phase for each Season (still in progress) which allowed us to put back online (reupload) the videos that were no longer accessible.

For many of you, you have been able to follow the various reports via our Discord in the blocked video lounge link to join our discord community:

Completing this reupload phase is very important to us, as soon it's finished this will allow us to focus on providing you with the best possible experience on the site with the addition of new motorsport series and features.

Here is a list of reuploads carried out in recent weeks:

-05/17/2021 : Formula 1 season 30 Episode 15 reuploaded (1979 United States Grand Prix)
-05/18/2021 : Formula 1 season 33 Episode 12 reuploaded (1982 German Grand Pricx)
-05/19/2021 : 5 Formula 1 episodes reuploaded between season 34 and 37 (1983 to 1986)
-05/24/2021 : 4 Formula 1 episodes reuploaded between season 38 and 41 (1987 to 1990)
-06/28/2021 : 4 Formula 1 episodes + 13 qualifyings reuploaded between season 42 and 45 (1991 to 1994)
-07/01/2021 : 16 Formula 1 episodes + 28 qualifyings reuploaded between season 46 and 49 (1995 to 1998)
-07/14/2021 : 28 Formula 1 episodes + 11 qualifyings reuploaded between season 50 and 53 (1999 to 2002)


 with this analyse we can assure you that the seasons from 1950 to 2002 are 100% accessible
            we are working on the next ones do not hesitate to give us your feedback on this

Thank you the Netflix of 

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